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With our updates you will always get the latest features, exciting enhancements, useful improvements and also information about our company and what else is going on with us!

You have an idea to make dixxer even better?
Then let us know.
Here you can find the functions we have integrated into dixxer:

New design of the web app

Already noticed? Today in the morning we have refreshed our design!
There are changes that are not always immediately noticeable, although they are so obvious that you should be completely irritated.
What happened?

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The quiet start of dixxer

We have worked on it for a long time and spent many nights on it and now it’s done: dixxer has seen the light of day.

After some test runs in the last weeks among friends and acquaintances, the first “real” maps are now published.

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Umlauts in user names possible

Whether you want to register as Motörhead, MisterMüller or Wändler, now you have the opportunity to create from the full. There are no limits to your creativity when choosing a name.

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