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What is dixxer?

Save time and create facts!
dixxer allows you to quickly and easily create individual opinion or poll cards (called dixxer cards) that you can share privately or publicly.


Does dixxer cost money?

Signing up for dixxer is free.
You can use dixxer without any worries. There are no hidden costs that you could accidentally activate.


To vote for a poll you do not need to register. So it is possible to participate in polls without registering at dixxer.

Registration is only necessary if you want to publish a poll on dixxer yourself. It is mainly a protection mechanism and prevents so-called bot systems from automatically manipulating polls on dixxer. Furthermore, with an account on dixxer you can centrally manage your own surveys and have a full overview of your results. 

With a registration, many more functions of dixxer are available to you. Registration is free of charge.

For everyone who needs quick and uncomplicated answers or feedback to a question or opinion. Create a dixxer card, share it with your family, friends, acquaintances or your professional environment and get instant answers.

You can cover topics that only concern you and a few from your environment, such as what to have for dinner, to opinions that can be publicly interesting, such as a political, sports or social event from our everyday life. For example, a politically, sports or socially relevant event from our everyday life.

Private polls only get to see those to whom you share your poll, otherwise it remains hidden from others.

Public polls get to see everyone. This way you can reach more people with your dixxer polls, which we call dixxer cards. Try it out!

The main element in dixxer is the dixxer map. It is comparable to the posts or contributions from the social networks. A dixxer card contains your poll or opinion, to which you can give different answer or comment options to your contacts to choose from. The dixxer cards are shareable on social networks so that you get as many reactions as possible to your poll or opinion.

There are 25 subject areas on dixxer that you can cover with your cards.

So there is nothing you can’t cover, as long as it doesn’t break any laws or is otherwise objectionable.

The following headings are covered:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Vocations & Careers
  • Education & Parenting
  • Family & Parenting
  • Health & Fitness
  • Eating & Drinking
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Home & Garden
  • Law, Government & Politics
  • News
  • Finance
  • Society
  • Science
  • Animals & Pets
  • Sports
  • Style & Fashion
  • Technology & Data processing
  • Travel
  • Real estate
  • Shopping
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Other (everything was not in one of the above. g. Categories fits)
  • Private (here you can assign your private cards)


Your cards we “must” record in categories, so that it is possible for us to make them available to other participants efficiently, especially if they are public cards. Categories allow our system to handle them more efficiently, in publicizing (i.e. promoting your map to other participants) and analyzing poll results. Hashtags alone are not enough to ensure that this can be done carefully in the long run. Hashtags do help to be found and to spread, but depending on how they are formulated or how often they come along very numerous, it requires a superordinate constructive allocation. This is taken care of by the 25 parent categories in dixxer.

Please pay attention to our Content Guidelines when creating dixxer cards! Not everything is allowed, such as content glorifying violence, xenophobic, reprehensible and questionable content may not be published in the cards. You can find out more about this in our Content Guidelines.

We have already put dixxer into operation, but know that we still have a lot to do. You can look forward to many more features that will be added in monthly updates. If you miss certain features or have any suggestions, feel free to let us know. We appreciate every useful tip that can make dixxer better for everyone. There is a “make dixxer better” page specifically for this purpose, which you can use to send us your concerns!

When you create a card, you can specify whether it should be displayed privately or publicly.

If you select private, only the person you send the link to your card can see your map.

If you select public, your map is visible to everyone on dixxer or other social networks. This gives your cards a lot of attention.

Results from public cards can only be seen by participants registered with dixxer.

Results from private cards can only be seen by the creator of the card and those who were sent the link to the card.

Private dixxer cards are always used when it comes to surveys or opinions that only concern certain contacts of yours and are not intended for the general public. These cards can only be seen by those you have sent them to personally, for example via Whatsapp or email. Private cards are not publicly visible on dixxer.

Whenever you are interested in the opinions and answers of many and it is a card that does not need to be secret, that is, private. So everyone who sees the map and is interested in it can choose one of your answer options. This allows you to get a very wide range of participants for your polls or opinions.

Technically, you can share your cards anywhere you are allowed to. dixxer makes it very easy for you to share your surveys on all known and relevant social networks like twitter, facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and others. For example, you are no longer forced to conduct your LinkedIn survey only in the LinkedIn network. With dixxer you can distribute your surveys all over the world and collect and manage your results in one place, at dixxer.

When creating a card, you can choose whether the participant should be able to make a selection anonymously on your card (i.e. the person answering), or whether his answer should be made publicly for all to see with his name. If you choose “optional”, you leave it up to the participant to decide for himself how he wants to answer. We don’t want to set a default here. Decide for yourself. Probably the willingness to give a public response to your card depends on what it is about in terms of content and how you have formulated your content.

Clear answers need clear framework conditions. A dixxer map running forever would be like a Tesla car drifting in space. The time limit helps with a clear focus towards a final result.

To give the dixxer cards a clear time structure, we have decided on four fixed time modules: one hour, one day, one week, and one month.

NO! dixxer cards end at the end of their term and it is no longer possible for anyone to still select a response to the poll or opinion, but they do not expire.

Private cards remain with the results of the card only visible to all who have the link to card.

Expiring public cards remain visible for all, but can also no longer capture responses.

A card only expires when you yourself hit the delete function of a respective card.

Otherwise, all cards on dixxer remain.

If you cancel your profile on dixxer and your profile is deleted by us, our system will automatically remove all private maps from you.

Your publicly created maps, however, remain available as information assets for the general public. Whether they are deleted later depends on the analysis of the system, whether they still have a temporal relevance and get enough attention, by accesses of dixxer participants.

If you explicitly want to have one or more specific cards removed after your exit from dixxer, you can of course contact us. Just write to us via contact. We will then get in touch with you.

If you no longer want to use dixxer, you can cancel your profile at any time. This is very easy. We don’t want to make it difficult for you. Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and then on profile settings. Go to the bottom of the page. There you will find the button “Cancel profile”. With this you can cancel your profile.


This note must be here so that there are no misunderstandings later. By deleting your profile, all your private cards on dixxer will be permanently deleted. This will be done immediately. There are no time limits in which you can return and reactivate your profile.

Public cards remain as information assets for the general public and for dixxer. However, they cannot be assigned to you later, should you open a new account.

This is only temporarily implemented this way. In the long term, we are working on the fact that you, as the creator of a card, should decide for yourself in which form the results are visually represented.

For the beginning, we have decided to use the side bar charts, because they allow the most passalbel representation to the current status.

Because yes, according to the text length of the questions, or opinions and the answer options, the representation can currently look quite slanted and unattractive. So for now, we’ve chosen the simplest way.

But don’t worry! We’re working on getting nicer and variable view styles soon. Give us some more time.

We are working on making sure that there is a time window so that you can change a selected answer again. We believe that 30 minutes should be enough.

Currently, however, it is the case that a selection made is fixed and can no longer be changed. Therefore, think carefully about which answer option you want to choose if you want to react to a card.

A final choice, or decision for an answer option, helps to bring about a clear result.

We thought about this before the launch of dixxer and researched:

At least two answer options are necessary for a choice to be possible. That’s self-explanatory.

A maximum of five options is a perfectly acceptable amount for someone to take the time to answer a question or give an opinion.

The results of public cards can only be viewed by participants registered with dixxer. They get to see the content, such as the question, the answer options and media (images), but the results are only shown to logged in users of dixxer.

Results of private cards can only be viewed by the creator of the card and those to whom he has sent the link to the card.

For finished cards, it is unnecessary to oblige a user interested in the result to register.

This would not be fair.

On the other hand, for active, still running cards, it is rather reasonable to expect a registration, because we do not want to allow participation in surveys without registrations. Especially also in the interest of the creator of a card. In addition, we can thus counteract abuse.

The display of results for expiring cards should and can help others to gain useful data for themselves.

The goal of dixxer is, among other things, to make information available to others.

You have a maximum of 60 minutes once you have published your dixxer card. We have deliberately fixed this to a maximum time, so that surveys can not be changed later in their content meaning. 

The first 60 minutes are available for revision, so you have the opportunity to make any spelling mistakes or other corrections. 

Yes. However, we pay very close attention to which cards may be indexable for search engines.

For this we have defined different criteria, of which two points can be highlighted:

1. Only from a vote of at least 150 (votes) the system sets your card to indexable. With this, we want to ensure that search engines such as Google and others, polls with justifiable results are provided as content. We don’t want to use dixxer to squeeze every little content into the search engines results. It should already offer content sense for searchers.

2. Public dixxer cards go through a triage with us, in which we check the compliance with our content guidelines. Depending on this, cards may occasionally be excluded from being indexed by search engines by us.