New design of the web app

Have you noticed? This morning we refreshed our design!

There are changes that are not always immediately noticeable, although they jump so clearly into the eye that you should be completely irritated.

What happened?

To build our network, we had designed and had in use a rudimentary design so that we could reasonably test and use the entire platform. In the process, we had become so accustomed to it over the entire time that we were not even aware of touching the design anymore. This step then came back to us just a few weeks ago. So we set to work and have refurbished the entire look.

Now are

  • the map corners rounded
  • the bars in the survey results more harmonious and coordinated
  • the profile views no longer so squat
  • no unnecessary shadow graphics more present
  • and much more.

With this, we have now made the whole design a bit more loose and refreshed and think you will like it even more now. There will be so many great features added that we will always make small visual adjustments here and there.

Most important was to expand the number of columns in the logged in state by one column. So you have even more polls at a glance.

We wish you a lot of fun!

Your dixxer-Team

Neues Design Dixxer Web-App 04-21