Content guidelines

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Content guidelines

Although dixxer is primarily a purely functional service, we still place a high value on what is said and shown. So at dixxer, content matters too. Content should be entertaining, exciting and meaningful.

By using dixxer, you therefore not only agree to the Terms and Conditions, but also to the content guidelines. 

What we at dixxer understand, accept and reject by content you will learn in the following sections.

The mission of dixxer is to provide you and all our users with features that allow you to share topics, thoughts, polls and opinions in a results-oriented way. For this purpose, content can be published in the dixxer maps. It is possible to create private as well as public dixxer Cards. Especially for public cards the content is very important. This can be e.g. political, sportive or cultural events, which are the subject of the dixxer maps. On dixxer there are over 26 topics (categories) that can be covered by you. 

We wish you a lot of fun and meaningful exchange when using dixxer!

Wherever the possibility is offered to express yourself publicly, it is necessary to set a framework. The regulations should be as little as possible, as much as necessary.

These content guidelines are about protecting ourselves and our users from questionable and questionable content as best we can.

If you find content on dixxer that is problematic in terms of content, you can submit it directly to us using the “report” function located on every dixxer card. We will then immediately check the content and take the necessary measures. Your reports help us not to lose sight of good content in the sense of all. We can only do this together. We thank you already at this point for your contribution!

Safe content for all!

dixxer does not serve as a platform for false, violence glorifying, confusing, hateful or harmful content or actions and may not be misused for these purposes. Therefore, dixxer reserves the right to delete such content, to prevent its dissemination, to block or delete domains, persons, groups of persons or accounts from which such content is disseminated without comment. 

If you still have questions or suggestions regarding the use of dixxer, please feel free to contact us.

We wish you a lot of fun and meaningful use on and with dixxer!

May be that some platforms are very flexible in this point, so that they get as quickly as possible many users and reach. We are not. dixxer is not a platform for pornography. Any dixxer cards that contain explicit content intended for an adult audience will be removed by dixxer either. 

This content may consist of:
  • Images of naked people whose poses suggest pornographic intent
  • Fetish images and pictorial depictions of sexual activity
  • Unambiguous sexual descriptions

We try to be as discriminating as possible between actual pornography and content intended for adult users. This means that you are allowed to post and share images of adult nude people in certain sensory contexts. 

These topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Health Education and Well-Being
  • Sexual Health
  • Breastfeeding
  • Mastectomies
  • Art

Since in these cases the context of meaning is not pornographic in nature, such content may be shared on dixxer. 

We are not a portal for exploitation – neither of animals nor of humans. dixxer removes content and restricts its distribution and deletes accounts that suggest financial, sexual or physical exploitation. 

This includes:
  • Grooming, inappropriate graphic depictions, sexual comments, and sexual exploitation of minors. If we come across such content, we will contact the relevant law enforcement authorities.
  • Sexual services such as escort services, prostitution, sex cams that indicate human trafficking or suggest physical or sexual exploitation.
  • Human trafficking or unauthorized commercial activities such as trade in products from protected species, trade in endangered animals, or trade in organs.
  • Photos and graphic depictions of a private or sexual nature not taken or published by mutual consent, such as upskirting images or so-called “revenge pornography.”

We are not a portal for hate messages or individuals and groups spreading hateful acts. When we become aware of such content, we restrict its distribution and remove these accounts. 

Hate messages include:
  • Attacks on individuals, including public figures, based on the fact that they belong to a vulnerable or at-risk group
  • Supporting individuals or groups that condone hateful acts and spread prejudice
  • Advocating violence because the victim belongs to a vulnerable or at-risk group
  • Disparaging cartoons, portrayal of stereotypes or inappropriate generalizations
  • Discrimination
  • Promulgation of conspiracy theories such as Holocaust denial
  • Nonacceptance of an individual’s sexual identity or orientation
  • Blasphemy and disparagement of religious symbols, beliefs, movements, or institutions

Groups in need of protection or at risk are those groups that can be grouped together because of their status as a minority. In addition, individuals are in need of protection if they are considered particularly vulnerable due to physical changes or impairments and can be grouped into specific groups.

dixxer is not a mouthpiece for fake news, propaganda or disinformation. Therefore, users on dixxer who create, share and spread such content are undesirable. Fake content that damages user trust in dixxer, is harmful to health or endangers the safety of our users will be deleted by us. 

Subject to this policy are:
  • Misleading and false claims that create discrimination, prejudice, and hate
  • Misleading and false claims that incite harassment and bullying of individuals, institutions, or groups
  • Misleading and false claims that compromise the integrity of voting and elections
  • Information, that undermines trust out of context
  • Manipulated audio and images that intentionally undermine trust
  • Medical misinformation that jeopardizes the safety and health of our users, including false claims related to security and public health emergencies

dixxer is not a platform to defame, anger or offend individuals or groups of people. Constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are always welcome, but dixxer reserves the right to restrict or delete the further dissemination of hurtful and offensive content. 

The following content will be removed:
  • Edited images that are shared for the purpose of disparagement
  • Sexual innuendos about people and the invitation to or offering sexual acts
  • Inappropriate comments, criticism and name-calling, hurtful images or text
  • Mocking people who are grieving and very vulnerable in their feelings
  • Bodyshaming or mocking people because of their sexual past or past relationships

dixxer does not allow the dissemination of confidential and personal data. 

Therefore, we delete the following content:
  • Private addresses, phone numbers and other contact information
  • Personal identification documents
  • Passwords and usernames
  • Private financial or medical data
  • Pictures of private individuals, who do not want photos of them to be published on the Internet

Should you discover unwanted material (photos, information about yourself) of you on dixxer, do not hesitate to contact us. For this purpose, you can use our contact option at “Support

dixxer is not a platform for the expression of arguments supporting drug abuse, eating disorders, self-harm or even suicide. We delete such content and restrict its distribution. 

This policy covers content such as:
  • Quotes and statements that promote suicidal thoughts
  • Instructions and incitements to self-harm
  • Advertising self-harm
  • Disturbing, disturbing images
  • Mocking people who have attempted suicide, who have died by suicide, or who self-inflict injury
  • Unsensitive treatment of people who self-injure

If you have problems with suicidal thoughts or self-injury yourself, or know someone who suffers from it, please contact our Help Center. We offer you free and confidential support.

dixxer is not a stage for violence or uncouth language. We remove content that is affected by this from our pages or restrict its distribution. 

This includes:
  • Threats of violence or language that glorifies violence
  • Disturbing images of, before or after acts of violence
  • Content that depicts the use of violence

In cases where images of violence serve to memorialize and honor the victims, we allow such content to be shared on dixxer’s pages, but restrict its distribution.

dixxer is not a stage for people and groups that advocate or glorify violence. We remove such content, restrict its distribution, and delete accounts that encourage our users to engage in activities that are dangerous. 

This includes:
  • Criminal gangs
  • Terrorists
  • Extremists

dixxer is not a portal for the private sale of regulated products, substances or goods, the use of which may cause harm. Such content will be removed from our pages or restricted from distribution on the pages of dixxer. We will block or delete accounts on which such products are advertised. 

Affected by this procedure are:
  • Individuals who offer to trade drugs, alcohol, weapons or tobacco, including ammunition and firearms
  • Goods from or. through unauthorized Internet pharmacies
  • Instructions or offers that circumvent laws and regulations regarding the purchase of products
  • Instructions on how to build weapons
  • Instructions on how to produce toxic or deadly substances

dixxer does not allow accounts that pretend to be related to certain people or even assume the identity of people. If you have a fan or comment account for a famous personality, club or brand on dixxer, we ask that you indicate in your profile that you are not officially affiliated with these personalities, clubs or brands.

Our dixxer content guidelines apply to all content posted on dixxer. 

You can report the following content:
  • Injurious and Destructive Criticism
  • Insulting Comments and Hateful Remarks
  • Private Data
  • Unwanted Chain Letters
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Unwanted Advertising
  • Irrelevant Posts

Beware the following advice so as not to infringe the rights of users either on the pages of dixxer or outside of our platform:

  • Do not make use of our logo, trademark, or name in a way that confuses others.
  • Please be careful not to infringe the copyright, privacy, and intellectual property rights of other users.
  • Do not post content that violates regulations and laws.

We ask you to consider the following to help protect dixxer:

  • Avoid accessing our systems and those of our technical providers. Do not tamper with them or use them in the first place.
  • Adhere to our security measures and do not attempt to compromise them, circumvent them, or even explore the vulnerability of our systems and networks.
  • Refuse to cripple our hosts, users, or networks through spam, viruses, or email bombs.
  • Refuse to collect or store personal and personally identifiable information from dixxer.
  • Never share your password, do not sell your account access, and refrain from purchasing others’ accounts or user data

We at dixxer want suggestions and ideas on our pages to be interesting and useful to you. For this reason we delete any kind of spam that comes to our attention. Therefore, we ask you to be mindful of the impression dixxer gives to others and avoid spreading spam as much as possible. 

Under the policy regarding spam fall, among others:
  • Do not operate accounts that give the user the feeling of being fake. Do not create mass accounts to circumvent this policy.
  • Do not post content that is irrelevant, misleading, or mere repetitions of known posts. 
  • Do not use automation that dixxer has not explicitly authorized. This also affects authorized services that automatically perform actions on your behalf. 
  • Refuse to earn money from our users in a misleading way, as this could make dixxer unattractive to users.
  • Refuse to link to pages that do not add value to the user, are misleading or untrustworthy.
  • Do not spread unwanted messages and refrain from posting unnecessary or misleading dixxer cards.
  • Refuse to manipulate clicks and other measurable data. In particular, buying and selling interactions, using fake accounts for the purpose of concerted actions, and using irrelevant keywords will result in fake traffic that we don’t want at dixxer.
  • We don’t want you to try to bypass our anti-spam system. Therefore do not work with redirects, intermediary websites or link shorteners.
What is it about?

Paid content in dixxer maps is content that is created for commercial purposes, meaning: Users are paid or otherwise rewarded for posting and distributing content.

How do we deal with this?

Paid content must be recognizable as such. This means that such content must be disclosed. In addition, users who seek to engage in such activities must agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Label and provide all necessary information that identifies the commercial intentions of your content as such. It is mandatory to put the hashtag “#ad” in front of the first sentence, which clarifies that one of the content is due to a payment.
  • Advertisements must comply with the advertising guidelines [link] of dixxer. Misleading or questionable content should not be posted on dixxer.
  • Make sure to post your content in meaningful contexts!
  • Do not encourage or pay users to post content in a spam-like manner on dixxer.

Basically, affiliate links are fine as long as the hashtag #ad is placed before the first sentence and the content presentation does not contradict the content guidelines (spam). 

Therefore, it is important to follow our affiliate guidelines:
  • Keep in mind our paid partnership guidelines [link]
  • Only run a dixxer account that reflects your content on dixxer as a real presence.
  • Content from affiliates should be unique and inspiring, with added value for the user.
  • You should always strive for openness in all your posts and not disguise the commercial nature of your content with redirects or link shorteners.
  • Do not ask users to select specific response options and interactions. Leave it up to the user to choose content based on their individual tastes and personal preferences.
  • Avoid creating a connection between you, your promotion and dixxer.
  • Our brand guidelines [link] contain all important information and rules regarding the use of our dixxer brand.

All that remains is to remind you to always follow all applicable regulations and laws!