About dixxer
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About dixxer

Your survey tool for private users, influencers and companies

Have you ever started a survey on Facebook or Twitter? Very few of the responses you get do you any good. Some people get a kick out of giving witty responses. Others discuss endlessly and create a bad mood… that can become a problem.

Surveys with dixxer are:

dixxer brings you and your community closer together in the social networks

You want to know which dress suits you best, which cheesecake recipe is the tastiest or which jersey your sports team should take? Then just ask your friends, fans and followers. Through the polls you are even closer to them and find out what really makes them tick.

dixxer free download:

dixxer for companies: What do my customers really want?

With dixxer you are even closer to your customers with your company. And in a sympathetic, appreciative way, because most people like to be asked for their opinion and their wishes.

When you know how your customers think, you can offer them the products they really want. That’s why dixxer is the perfect way to conduct efficient market research that doesn’t feel like market research, but is perceived in a positive way.

Download dixxer for free now and ask your customers what you want to know. Need some support? Then we’re happy to be there for you. Write to us using the contact form.

Okay, so how does dixxing work exactly?

dixxer is so easy and it brings you a lot:

  1. Create a map with a poll
  2. Give 2-5 answer options
  3. Share the dixxer map in your social networks

Your community can now easily answer the question and share your dixxer map. This way your survey gets a lot of reach and can go viral if the topic excites a lot of people.

You decide what you ask on dixxer. Topics that degrade, offend or insult other people are of course not allowed.

dixxer helps you,

  • if you want to know what your community thinks
  • if you want to give food for thought
  • if you are facing a decision


dixxer is there for all

dixxer is free in the basic version and free of annoying advertising – it stays that way. We want to create a large and active dixxer community that is interested in the opinions of its users. There is no place for hate and exclusion at dixxer. dixxer connects people. That’s why we developed the app.

Advantages of dixxer as a hybrid app

There are 3 types of apps: the Native App, the Web App and the Hybrid App. Native Apps are only available in the App Store and always adapted to different platforms like Android, Windows or iOS. One advantage of Native Apps is that they can be used offline. A classic Native App is WhatsApp.

Web Apps, on the other hand, are called up via a link in the browser. They need an Internet connection. Web apps are also not supported by all browsers.

The hybrid app dixxer combines the advantages of the other two types of apps. dixxer works on all platforms and you don’t have to be online. In addition, dixxer offers the familiar look and feel of a Native App and is just as easy to use.